Effective commercial management is not just important to your business, it’s imperative. Failure to properly commercially manage a business is the number one reason why companies fail each year, yet despite this ‘off the shelf’ commercial management packages have not been adopted by the construction industry, in a similar manner that drawing, accounting and project management packages have. To help understand why, a literature research paper on the use of IT in the construction industry was undertaken by Liverpool University, and found that commercial systems have received very little attention and focus from the construction IT community. For this reason, CMS was formed out of necessity, as the answer to a critically important problem facing individuals and SME’s operating within the construction sector.

Whether you’re a main contractor, specialist sub-contractor, developer or self-builder, one thing remains consistent. If given the choice, everyone would choose to make a profit, right? Supporting our client’s to help realise this ambition, CMS combine almost 20 years’ Quantity Surveying experience, with cutting edge cloud based software technology, to offer custom professional services & software packages tailored to the unique requirements of our clients.

Through a combination of software and related services, our systems essentially facilitate individuals and SME’s commercially managing projects themselves, from contract award through to change management and monthly valuations, our system caters for all ‘post contract’ eventualities. The critical ingredient however, is that our system allows users to monitor actual project ‘costs’ against project ‘values’ as the build commences. Therefore alarm bells may be triggered from the moment costs begin to escalate beyond budgetary levels. This allows the user to mitigate the situation by quickly identifying cause, once red flag has been raised. Ultimately the system facilitates mitigation of cost overspends, through swift identification and resolution of the problem from the moment it materialises, thus safeguarding your projected profit margins.

CMS employs commercial managers and quantity surveyors ‘in house’, supporting clients across a wide range of software packages and accompanying support services. Our ‘packages’ are built bespoke for each client, and if a client doesn’t want to carry our certain functions themselves due to resource issues, we can provide one of our own quantity surveyors to work remotely as a ‘bolt on’ service accompanying the primary software package. This allows users to build custom fee packages, unique to their individual requirements and various budgets.

Support packages may be supplemented through ‘ad hoc’ services quoted on an individual basis, clients may also upgrade their membership at any time, if they believe value for money might be achieved in doing so going forward.

The silver packages are geared towards companies who already employ their own Quantity Surveyor, and simply require use of the system. Such clients will therefore take to the system quite smoothly, facilitated by their staff’s understanding of system requirements. However, when silver package members require support, they may either upgrade their membership to gold, or supplement their package with a technical training day, whereby one of our Quantity Surveyors will come into their office, and train their Quantity Surveyor in areas where understanding might be lacking.

First of all manual systems lack integrity, and can be manipulated to report pretty much anything the QS responsible for the project would like to report - this is often done to cover themselves. This system cannot be manipulated, and will essentially either report that the project is profitable, or losing money as works commence. There are also many aspects of the system that physically cannot be done in excel through formulas, and therefore software is required. We will gladly discuss the mechanics of which on a one to one basis, please call or email if you are interested in our software and would like to understand more, tel: 0333 2070733 or email: info@cm-s.co.uk

Upgrades may be done at any time, however downgrades are not possible within the initial 12 month period. We employ staff based on current membership levels / subscription packages, and therefore unfortunately downgrades part way through the agreement are not possible at this stage. Following the initial 12 months, clients may then downgrade if they would like to renew membership using a package more appropriate to their changing needs.

CMS site is encrypted using an SSL Certificate, which is essentially a small data file that digitally binds a cryptographic key to an organization's details. When installed on a web server, it activates a padlock and the https protocol allows secure connections from a web server, to the browser, thus preventing any third party accessing the system.

As with any agreement, contracts can be frustrated or discharged by mutual agreement, when evidence can be shown of a change in circumstances beyond one party’s control. However, CMS employ staff based on client numbers and membership commitments, therefore for individuals who simply ‘change their minds’ part way through the agreement, the contracts will be enforced and payment of remaining balances pursued.